The developer toolkit for debugging and monitoring LLMs

Parea AI helps developers build production-ready LLM products faster. Experiment with prompts and chains, version and iterate against test cases, evaluate performance and manage your entire LLM workflow in one unified platform.

Production-ready workflow

Pre-and-post deployment features to cover your entire application lifecycle

Prompt playground

Prompt playground grid to compare prompts across different models and inputs

Test and Evaluate

Evaluate prompts against test case collections and custom evaluation metrics

Data Management

Data is shared between everyone in your organization to facilitate collaboration

Monitoring and Analytics

Monitor your entire LLM application. Step into every detail with traces and spans

Powerful features, minimal code changes


Developer focused SDK

Access the best LLM models through a single unified API. From OpenAI, to Anthropic, to Open Source like LLaMa 2 and Mistral, or enterprise ready with Azure, AWS Bedrock, and Vertex AI. Our minimal sdks provide automatic logging, and caching. Learn More.

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Transparent Pricing

Plans to fit your scale. No credit card required to get started.

Everything to get started.
  • up to 2 members
  • Prompt playground (with function calling)
  • Custom test collections and evaluation metrics
  • Log and trace monitoring and analytics
  • 3k logged events / month
For production apps and teams.
  • 3 members (+$50 per additional member. Max 20)
  • Batch evaluation jobs
  • Unlimited deployed prompts
  • 100k logged events / month ($0.001 / extra log)
  • Support for personalized evaluation metrics
At-scale organizations with advanced security and support needs.
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited logged events
  • Private cloud deployment
  • White-label security & permissions

Bring your AI vision to life

Start enhancing your prompt engineering workflow with Parea today!

Enterprises and ambitious startups